We only accept guinea pigs from municipal shelters and other rescues. 

We do not accept requests to take owner surrenders under any circumstances whatsoever.  The ONLY exceptions to this policy are guinea pigs which were originally adopted from us.  If you need to return guinea pigs adopted from us,

please e-mail us at info@pigglesrescue.com.

For further information and advice on rehoming guinea pigs, check out our Surrenders and Rehoming pages.

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Latest update 29 August 2016.

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August 2016   Intake 15  Adopted out 29

For full statistics, see our About page.


It is our policy NEVER to adopt out single guinea pigs unless the adopter already has one or more. 

Also, all adopted pigs must be picked up by the adopter, and will only be adopted to homes in the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto and the regions of Durham, York, Peel & Halton).