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See Piggles piggies every day at our permanent Adoption Area at

TruPet, 10520 Yonge St, Richmond Hill

(North of Major Mack in the NoFrills plaza)

Currently in residence -

Coco (M) & Miranda (SF)

Christmas is Coming ....
Although we don’t intend to limit adoptions in December, we do not encourage the practice of giving animals as gifts at Christmas, for birthdays, etc.  Holiday periods can be chaotic and not a good time to bring a new animal into the home, and it can send the wrong message to children, particularly younger ones, to receive pets along with all the toys, possibly leading to them seeing the animals as playthings, to be discarded when the novelty wears off.  

We suggest that parents should consider giving the child(ren) a pet-related gift – a cage, accessories, or something similar – on the day, and that the whole family should be involved in the process of selecting the pets and bringing them home after the holiday.  In this way, everyone is more likely to feel a lasting attachment to the new family members.

Take a look at our new STORE page for wonderful accessories

to spoil your piggies, and for details of how to support

the rescue by buying your regular Oxbow and other supplies!


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It is our policy NEVER to adopt out single guinea pigs unless the adopter already has one or more. 

Also, all adopted pigs must be picked up by the adopter, and will only be adopted to people over the age of 18, living in the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto and the regions of Durham, York, Peel & Halton).